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PESTool© V.3.0 was developed to provide an easy tool to estimate the exposures (Environment and Human Health) resulting from the use of plastic additives (substances) throughout the plastics supply chain and to present the results in a format suitable to prepare the annex to the Safety Data Sheet where required.

PESTool© V.3.0 is based on the ECETOC and EUSES modelling tools which were customized and expanded as follows:
  • Grouping of the additives in various classes according to their key determinants (dustiness, vapour pressure, water solubility, DNELs and PNECs etc.)
  • Pre-defined Exposure Scenarios with association of the appropriate PROCs and ERCs
  • Addition of a module to cover mixtures
  • Modelling of the reduced availability resulting from incorporation into the plastic matrix
  • Built in exposure data from OECD reference documents and interviews made with representative companies

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